Focus on Flexibility, Client-Orientedness and Quality

Who We Are

3DFM is an enthusiastic independent company with a wealth of knowledge and experience in various disciplines within the international food machinery industry

People and organisation alike are fully aligned to the rapidly changing market in which they work, with an ever-increasing focus on flexibility, client-orientedness and quality. With a clear overview of the playing field, we understand our clients well and know how to respond to their requirements.

Our Conviction

Experience has taught us that a company can only be successful in today’s food industry with:

  • In-House control of product development and machine manufacturing
  • Knowledge of how to build a financially successful business
  • A commitment to putting clients first, not products
  • An ongoing emphasis on genuine efficiency
  • A true understanding of what is happening in the workplace via active participation
  • Recognition that clients are the most important target group
  • Fully up-to-date expertise on environmental regulations and good interaction with media authorities
  • The ability to manage growth

The international food industry is constantly changing. This demands a flexible company which is always ahead of the game, enabling you to retain your leading edge.

How We Work

We have learned that a clear focus on the client is the most successful approach in business today. After all, we want to see our clients return for new commissions. We believe that maintaining a long-term relation with clients requires:

  • Having a genuine understanding of what the client wants
  • Offering a consistently high quality
  • Providing a solution-oriented and fast service
  • Keeping to agreements
  • Ensuring value for money
  • Doing more than asked

The 3D in 3DFM stands for depth (or three-dimensional working and thinking). Nearly everyone in the industry can do what a client asks (2D). We strive to go further and deeper, supplying real added value, getting to know you and your company, and helping make your company even more successful.

This makes us far more than a good supplier alone - 3DFM is also a great partner, focused on in-depth business relationships.

The ability to listen has a crucial role in realising a successful end product, and we believe that the input determines the output. We would therefore like to discuss together the goals of your company, intended capacity, ease of use, competences on the work floor and the latest market developments.

But we also need to read between the lines. To do so it is essential to have insight into the work floor, know what's going on, and understand how to enable your operators to work more comfortably and efficiently.

To ensure the right machinery is in the right place with the right people, we therefore like to talk to both management and the operators on the work floor.


What We Do

3DFM offers total solutions. Our goal is to supply machinery that seamlessly meets your demands as a client. We realize that machinery is an investment you make to increase your profits and that you expect to reap the rewards quickly and consistently.

We also understand that every client has different requirements. The challenge of meeting these needs by developing new technological solutions is one we welcome.


Our products are designed and engineered using the latest and most advanced 3D software as we develop and manufacture all machinery in-house.

Highest Quality

Highest Quality All 3DFM products are fully custom built and we only supply machinery that meets the highest quality standards in the food industry, such as HACCP and BRC.

Client Care

Once the machinery is ready, we can take care of the entire installation process on site, and train your operators so they can quickly and efficiently realize production.

The machinery we build varies from portioning units for sausages and tray denesters with weight control to complete production interiors.

We welcome clients looking for machinery that has yet to be developed. Our personnel relish a challenge and look forward to showing you what they can do.

"Developing and manufacturing our machinery in-house gives us total flexibility to make adaptations or changes when desired, and we can guarantee the finest possible quality."


Service: an attitude not a department

As continuity is a major success factor in operational management, it is essential that clients receive a consistently high level of service and that all agreements are met. 3DFM guarantees the highest quality and does everything in its power to develop properly functioning machinery which will help increase your bottom line.

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"We always have the right people available to provide support when needed, 24/7."